RED }} Center for Research and Engagement in Diversity
Mission Goals Initiatives Leadership Team
Leadership Team
Kecia M. Thomas, PhD, RED’s founding director, is a professor of psychology at UGA and is currently serving as interim director of the Institute for African American Studies. Thomas received her PhD from Pennsylvania State University and her research focuses on understanding the psychology of workplace diversity. Particularly, Thomas is interested in both individual and organizational readiness and resistance to diversity. Her research also examines the workplace experiences of women, people of color, and gay and lesbian workers.
Tina Harris, PhD is an associate professor in the Department of Speech Communication at UGA. After received her PhD from the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Harris began her career as a faculty member at UGA in 1998. Her research focuses on interracial communication, interracial dating, race relations, racial representation and the media, and Christian identity.
Victoria Plaut, PhD is an assistant professor in the Social Psychology Program at UGA. Plaut received her PhD from Stanford University, and focuses her research on the relationship between individuals’ sociocultural contexts and their psychological functioning. Her primary line of research looks at the nature and prevalence of various conceptions of and approaches to racial and ethnic diversity (“models of diversity”), and the implications of these different approaches for intergroup relations.
Leigh Willis, MPH, PhD is an assistant professor of sociology at UGA. He received both his MPH and PhD from the University of Alabama- Birmingham. Willis’ research primarily examines African-American health, specifically seeking to improve the health status of African- Americans by examining and reducing health disparities.
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